Small Business Saturday

Ahh, a day dedicated to shopping! Who doesn't love that?

Okay, that was a stupid question with all the fuss about Black Friday every year. Personally, I only have a problem with Black Friday when I'm stuck in the office all day or when my friend realizes that she locked her keys in the car during a 2 am Black Friday Target shopping spree. 

You may not be able to get 1,001% off a giant TV on Small Business Saturday, but you're also less likely to get your nose broken by somebody who also has their eye on that last TV on the shelf. 

You can, however, emerge from small, local stores with all your limbs and dignity with a bag (okay, bags) full of great gifts that are American made! 

Here are my favorite purchases from two local stores, Becket Hitch and JG Sassy!

1. a Day Designer because I'm obsessed and it's amazing and I tried to buy one online over thanksgiving but the etsy store was closed all weekend and I was crushed until I saw this perfect 2015 Day Designer displayed at Becket Hitch. It was meant to be.

2. a set of colored pencils from The Pencil Factory for all my coloring and color coding needs. My marker collection is pretty extensive, but sadly my colored pencil collection is lacking. I'm working on it. 

3. neutral geometric nail appliqués because I don't have the patience to paint this myself and they are so much fun. The real trick is to have the self control not to pick at them. I'm working on this too. 

4. two voluspa candles (spruce cuttings and visions of sugar plum) so every bit of my apartment can spell the Christmas any time I want and because I am developing a bit of a candle obsession that isn't at hoarding levels only because my obsession means I go through them crazy quick.

and last but not least...

5. two pairs of Kendra Scott earrings because she is amazing and I love her jewelry. I went to one of her stores in Austin and designed something at the color bar and it's still one of my favorite necklaces.  I bought my mom two Kendra Scott necklaces for Mother's Day last year and couldn't resist from buying a necklace and pair of earrings for myself too.

So I didn't really check anything off my list for others, but I think it was a very successful shopping trip!  

What did you buy for Small Business Saturday??