About Me


It all started with dirt…

rowing up in Maryland, I loved being outside. Climbing trees was my favorite, and I took pride in being covered in dirt and sap. I always wanted a vegetable garden with more dirt to play in, but I didn’t have the patience for the healthy food to grow. Instead, I started making pies and cakes for my brothers and amassing a collection of cacti.

As I grew up, I started making things other than desserts. I really started cooking full meals when I moved to Virginia with my husband. Our home had a huge yard with the perfect amount of space for our goldendoodle to frolic and just the right amount of sunlight for a garden. The peppers, tomatoes, and herbs I grew there inspired my love for fresh, local, heritage ingredients that I like to use in my creations today. We’ve since moved to an apartment in North Carolina, but I made sure to have an updated kitchen and south-facing windows so my plants and cooking can thrive!

I started this blog as a journal into my attempt to live a lean, green, natural life. Hope you enjoy!