Manicure Monday: Pastel nails


Maybe its because my nail polish collection is a little out of control, but I can never choose one color. I usually end up changing the color after two days or as soon as it begins to chip. Sometimes my inability to pick a single color means I will paint them one color and immediately change my mind and repaint them a different color, and then change my mind again and paint them for the third time in one day.

If I know I just won't be able to choose I just stop trying and use all the colors I am trying to choose between. This is how my pastel manicure came to be.

I was trying to choose between a summery orange, a green that I had pulled for the May 2012 issue of At Home Tennessee Magazine during my  internship there,  and a clear sky blue. Normally I would be worried about how much color is too much color, but luckily I remembered that there is no such thing as too many pastels. So instead of putting two colors away, I chose two more and my easter egg manicure was born!

The polish colors from box 1 (of 4) of my collection.. like I said, I have a problem.

The polish colors I chose are all Essie: the orange is called Action; the green- Navigate Her; blue- Bikini so Teeny; pink- Cascade Cool; and purple- Playdate. When I finished painting each nail a different color, it was still a little clash-y. Using a pastel color scheme didn't bring enough unity to the manicure, so I chose to finish it with Butter London's Matte Finish which dulled the sheen and really brought the five different colors together.

I love this manicure, and I hope you do too, but with the opening ceremonies Friday I'm sure it will be replaced with something with a bit more American pride or Olympic spirit very soon!