Shine Bright

One of my favorite things about being in a sorority in college was the ridiculous outfits that you could get away with for swaps and mixers. Finally I had a reason to dress up in completely crazy outfits. Now in my post grad life I've needed to restrain myself and have sunk into a fashion slump of socially acceptable pencil skirts and blazers. But ask anyone and they can tell you that self control has never been my virtue, so after graduation the search began for ways to still stand out without looking like an unemployable freak.

I have always been easily distracted by loved bright and shiny things. Diamonds, glitter, neon.. how can  anybody not love them! Unfortunately diamonds are expensive and wearing glitter is pretty much a lifetime commitment since it never seems to go away, but neon comes in a wide range of prices and isn't impossible to take off. A bright accessory can be the perfect pop of color to bring a simple, monotone outfit come to life, or it can bring out an accent color in patterned clothing. Neon can work in both the daytime and nighttime and can be used to transition an outfit from casual to "going-out".

While neons are great as accent pieces, why not 'go big or go home'.The key to fully embracing neon is to stick with either warm or cool colors. While I love pink and green in pastels, nobody should walk around looking like a radioactive watermelon.

I prefer warm colors and chose pink as my base color. Then I added yellow into the ensemble and added a splash of orange to blend the two colors together.

This outfit also easily went from brunch with my parents to the bars that night..

In the morning I wore a white tank top under the top, tucked in the shirt, and wore the skirt at my natural waist with nude sandals. I also grabbed a navy sweater because restaurants always seem to be cold. For night I switched out the tank top in favor for a neon yellow crop top. I also pulled the skirt up to my waist-waist and switched out the nude sandals for a pair that matched my hot pink necklace.



P.S. If you didn't get that Life-Size reference then you need to stop reading and go watch that movie. Like now.