What I Wore: Formal Season!

Spring Semester is always my favorite. We have rites of spring, pike beach party, KD formal weekend, and fraternities formal weekends! I always love picking out dresses for spring formals because you don't have to worry about getting cold, or carrying a sweater, and can fully embrace pastels and bright colors! I love dresses that are dramatic and have exaggerated elements. This year, the elements I focused on were color and lines. By looking for these bold features, I found some incredible, stand out dresses that made me feel bold and beautiful!

Formal 1

-Reverse Dress: no longer available, but the top portion of the dress is available as a crop top (found at ASOS.com)

-Shoes: found at zappos.com

I loved this dress, the cut outs and hi-lo hem makes it so dramatic and the neon skirt makes it impossible to miss! These shoes were great, the cut outs matched the dress perfectly and the exposed zipper on the top and studded side straps make the outfit a bit more rock and roll. It was a bit chilly earlier in the evening so I added black leather bomber jacket for dinner and drinks.

Formal 2

-Yumi Kim Dress: no longer available, but the Leon Mini Dress and Goddess Dress are very similar!

-Found on the designers website, YumiKim.com

This isn't the greatest picture to show the dress, but my date bought berger cookies and southside mix from home for us to eat and drink at the pregame, so this is the only picture where I am not stuffing my face. I loved the light material and the pink background. The pops of white and navy creating a distorted floral pattern created the dramatic element that I was looking for. 

Formal 3

-Free People Dress: no longer available

-Missimo Shoes, found at Target

This was a THEME FORMAL. I would never wear this normally! We went as a jersey shore couple. I originally bought this dress because I loved the lines it creates. The contrasting angles of the neck and hem lines drew me in and then the difference between the loose, billowing top and tight bottom makes it perfect. Do I even need to say anything about the shoes? They are cheetah and I love them. Done. 

Formal 4

-Herve Leger Pink Palm Dress, rented through Rent the Runway

-Shoes: I paired this with a pair of three inch nude pumps that I borrowed from my friend

I am obsessed with Herve Leger, and thank goodness for Rent the Runway or I would never be able to afford them! I wish I could have kept this dress. The pink and purple were bright and really made the lines created by the bandages pop! It was also very tight (It actually took two people to get the dress to hook at the top, but once it was on, the dress was surprisingly elastic and really comfortable). I loved how the dress accentuated my curves in a way that actually made me proud to show them off!