on my radar

Here are the five things I am obsessed with this week:

01. PopSugar Active

The town I live I doesn't have a gym. Technically, I could work out at the college gym, but I since I genuinely do not understand where the entrance is and how their weird honor code works, I try to avoid it and workout at home. The PopSugar fitness app is great. It has quick home workouts (like their 5-Minute Ab, 10-Minute Arms, 20-Minute HIIT, and 30-Minute Full Body Yoga workouts) or even plans for you to use at the gym (like their Boredom-Busting 40-Minute Elliptical and their Go Intense Printable Power workouts). My favorite part of the app is the challenges. I am currently doing the 31-Day Body Weight Challenge. Each day, the app will send you a reminder at a time of your choosing and will tell you what exercise to do. It's way easier to work out when I don't have to figure out what to do and the challenges seem so much more achievable when they're only 30 days! You can download the app and try it out for yourself here


02. ASOS Denim


Another thing this town doesn't have is a lot of shopping. There are literally two clothing stores if you don't count Walmart, which I do not. Recently, my favorite pair of jeans finally gave out, and instead of buying one new pair costing $100+, I turned to ASOS and decided to buy multiple pairs. They are wayyy more affordable, and with free shipping both ways, I figure I could just return the ones I didn't want. Well, I ended up loving all of them. My favorite are the Ridley High Waist Skinny ($55) and the 'Sculpt Me' Premium ($60) Jeans. They are serious about their high waist and I love it. The jeans also have a lot of stretch without losing their shape. It's great. Check out the entire collection here.


03. Customizable Ray Bans


I'm not sure when it happened, but at some point, I stopped buying bags and started buying sunglasses. Now my sunglasses collection has gotten crazy. Being able to create custom Ray Bans hasn't helped. You can customize aviators, aviator light rays, aviator juniors, clubmasters, round metal, caravans, justins, erikas, cockpits, andys, and all the wayfarer models: original wayfarers, new wayfarers, wayfarer foldings, wayfarer prints, wayfarer light-rays, and wayfarer juniors. They have a lot of wayfarers. But choose your lenses, frames, temples, tips, and any engraving. You're eyes will be ready for the sun, even if your skin isn't.


04. Arbonne Liquid Sunshine Tinted Self-Tanner


Speaking of skin... I can't even remember the last time my arms saw sunlight, and I'm pretty sure if I had to find new foundation, the shade would be called "translucent" or "shimmerless vampire." Sunless tanner normally has an awful smell, takes a few days to develop, and can make you look like an Oompa Loompa. But Arbonne's bronzes instantly during application and develops an even, natural-looking tan within two hours. As a bonus, it leaves your skin feeling hydrated and actually smells good! I like to use it the day of a big event or leading up to a week at the beach, but it doesn't actually contain any sun protection, so be sure to use some sunscreen screen when your actually at the beach!


05. Club W


Did I mention that this town also only has one teeny tiny wine store? And yes, once again, I am not counting Walmart. Club W was an easy choice for me (okay, the truth is that I signed up after seeing an ad on Instagram very early in the morning and then woke up a few hours later and wasn't sure if I dreamed signing up and buying 6 bottles of wine or if it really happened. It really happened). It's easy: you create a taste profile, they recommend wines, you pick the bottles you want, they ship the wine directly to your door. They create their wine by forming relationships with winemakers from all over the world, and most bottles are only $13 with a few specialty bottles selling at a high price point. I love the cute graphic labels on the bottles and the stuff inside the bottles is pretty great too! Each wine also comes with a card with a flavor profile of a wine, when and at what temperature to drink it, and a recipe to pair with the wine! 

Have a great week darlings!