Bundled Up

I spend most of winter trying to stay warm without looking like a marshmallow. With the winters we've had the past few years, this has been a serious challenge. During the polar vortex, it was so cold that I wore sweatpants over my work pants just to wak to my car. It wasn't a good look. Since then I've made onsite parking a must for all rentals. 

After returning to Virginia after vacation, I've had to say goodbye to the beautiful 70 degree weather  we had in December and welcome back the frozen tundra that is January.

Normally, I would just drive everywhere and suffer through the cold. But now I live in Lexington. It's such a walkable city and dogs are welcomed in most stores and some restaurants. Dixie is also pretty demanding about walks, so I have to be outdoors much more than usual. Ugh. It's a good thing she's so cute. 

Here are my 10 head-to-toe must haves for a warm&stylish winter. 

0 1 | H A T

C A S H M E R E  B E A N I E by M A D E W E L L  


I've never met anybody who doesn't love cashmere. They made a whole Seinfeld episode about it. Even my puppy will pull my cashmere scarf out of the basic and snuggle up on it. Cashmere for me is the ultimate winter luxury, and if you're going to be outside is freezing temperatures, it's a luxury you deserve. Treat yo self. 


0 2 | S W E A T E R

W A R M L I G H T  P U L L O V E R by M A D E W E L L  


My theory is that J. Crew had to die so that Madewell could rise from the ashes. Madewell really started to hit its stride when J. Crew started falling apart and thinking that people actually wanted to wear a $600 sequin pencil skirt. Anyway, this is a great piece for winter. It's longer in the back so it will cover your booty if you're wearing leggings. It's also light enough to be worn with shorts in the spring. For winter, try layering it with a striped turtleneck for extra warmth. 


0 3 | G L O V E S

O R E A  G L O V E S by M A C K A G E


I love this style of gloves. Mittens are better than gloves because you'll be warmer when your naked fingers can huddle together. But gloves are better for opening Chapstick or getting things out of your purse. This may not always be the most fashionable style, but it's function gets an upgrade with stylish leather and sheep shearling.


0 4 | B A G

R E G A N  S A T C H E L by R E B E C C A  M I N K O F F


A big bag is a necessity for winter. Tohis bag is big enough to fit your gloves, scarf, hat, and other winter accessories on top of all your normal purse things. It has four (I repeat, FOUR) interior pockets so you can easily find your smaller items. It also zips closed so you can keep snow from getting your things wet.  


0 5 | P A N T S

S K I  L I N E  P O L A R T E C by A T H L E T A


I personally hate running, especially outside, and especially during the winter. But I still wear leggings all winter long. Last year I got a pair of fleece lined leggings from Athleta and wore them every week to play paddle tennis outside in freezing temperatures. These are Athleta's new winter pants and they are great. They are super breathable but also keep you very very warm. So if you don't play paddle (or most likely, you've never even heard of paddle), no worries. They are also perfect for walking around town (preferably with a puppy), going for a run, or as a base layer for skiing. 


0 6 | C O A T

S L I M F I T by C A N A D A  G O O S E


This is one of the warmest coats you will ever buy. and yes, maybe puffer coast are one of the main reasons I tend to look like a marshmallow in the winter, but this coat is different. Really. It's mid-thigh length covers your booty to ensure maximum warmth, the pockets a lined with soft fleece, the hood is lined with lush coyote fur, and it is rated for temperatures down to -13 degrees F. All hat comes in a slim-fit style. 


0 7 | S H O E S

T O F I N O  H E R R I N G B O N EC by S O R E L


An updated twist on the classic Tofino boots from Portland, OR, based SOREL. These boots were designed for light snow, but you can wear them anytime. They are waterproof AND have a microfleece lining to keep your feet cozy. The faux fur lining is removable for easy cleaning. 


0 8 | P A J A M A S 

D O N U T  P A J A M A  S E T by A S O S


I love a good pair a pajamas. When I'm wearing cute pajamas, it makes me feel like I have an excuse for not getting dressed and curling up on the couch. This adorable pajama set is made of soft touch jersey fabric and consists of a loose top and stretchy pants. Plus, the donut print is too adorable to pass up. All you need now is some real donuts & coffee, and you have the perfect winter Sunday morning. 


0 9 | R O B E

W A F F L E  D R E S S I N G  G O W N by N E W  L O O K


There is nothing worse than stepping out of a hot shower and into a cold room in the dead of winter; or getting out of your warm bed to let your early-rising puppy out and losing all body heat while she potties. Luckily, this robe is solves both those problems. It's faux fur fabric is super fluffy and its belted waist keeps the robe secure and the heat in. It even has a hood with ears so you can channel your inner polar bear.


1 0 |  S L I P P E R S

F L U F F  C L O G by U G G  


I know Uggs can be a major no, but one of the things they do riht is slippers. Your feet will be forever thankful for these slippers. The slippers have a classic slip-on silhouette and come in three colors. The best part is that they are made out of either real lamb or sheep fur. Seriously, every time you put the on will be like a spa vacation for your feet!

 happy winter and stay warm darlings,