Pure Michigan

There was a wonderful period in July/August where everything I owned was in my car or in storage.

We had to be out of our Baltimore apartment by July 24th, and didn't move in to our Lexington house until August 4th. As stressful as this was, we were lucky enough to be able to celebrate the wedding of the boyfriend's college roommate in between the moves. 

The wedding was in Cheboygan, MI, and rather than stay in a hotel, we opted to camp at Aloha State Park. So instead of spending money at restaurants and bars, we ordered pizza from the camp store and hung out around a fire at night. 

During the day we spent most of our time in Mackinaw City or on Mackinac Island. Well, we planned to spend more time in Mackinaw City, but after our first day on the island, we knew that we wanted to go straight back there the next day! 

It's not that Mackinaw was bad, it just wasn't as unbelievably gorgeous as Mackinac. We did find a good breakfast buffet, but our favorite thing was exploring and wandering around the light house. 

We were lucky to have great weather every day except the day we left (more about that later). Stay tuned for my favorite part about our trip to Michigan!