Favorite Spring Things

Life has been a little crazy lately. Since the Lilly x Target sale, work still hasn't slowed down. I had my birthday last weekend and found out that my parents bought me a puppy (YAY!). Obviously, I can barely contain my excitement, but it means things certainly won't be slowing down any time soon. I've dedicated this weekend to apartment hunting; next weekend I'll be traveling to Wimter Park, and then BOOM, I get my puppy. I have the feeling this really going to sneak up on me. 

What has also snuck up on me is spring. I had been waiting for a while, and I had high hopes that it would arrive in time for my birthday. Mother Nature let me down for that one, but now it looks like spring has officially arrived. 

Now that I feel confident enough to put my heavy winter coat in storage, I'm sharing some of my favorite spring essentials!




During the winter, I work from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. That means I leave my house at 6:30 a.m. and don't get home until 6:45 p.m. To make matters worse, my little cubicle has no window access. I basically forget what the sun looks like from November to April. 

Thank goodness for all the gorgeous sunnies out there to protect my little eyes from the beautiful beautiful sun. My eyes are almost as sensitive than my skin, but sunglasses are way preferable to applying SPF on an hourly basis. Although, I do rotate my sunglasses a little too frequently. Here are some of my favorites from Krewe du Optic and Warby Parker: 




Spring is really the only season I am okay with rain. During the winter, I know it will just turn into ice, and during the summer it cuts into my beach time. In spring, I'm just happy it isn't snow and I have no beach time for it to ruin. Obviously you can always go the umbrella look for rain, but if you live in a big city, that just seems dangerous. I seriously thought that I was going to poke somebody's eye out when I tried to cross a NYC street with an umbrella. Why even bother taking that chance when there are so many adorable raincoats to choose from?



Whether you are the type of person who hits snooze 15 times and then has to run out the door just for a chance to actually make it to work on time (aka me) or if you are the type of person who wakes up early and has time to leisurely enjoy a cup of coffee before work (aka most definitely not me), your morning could be exponentially bettered by one of these upbeat mugs!



It took my a while to understand the appeal of rompers. I think it was mainly the idea of having to undress to use the restroom that made me wary. But then I realized their greatness. It's all the fun of dresses, but you don't have to worry about the wind blowing it up. Rompers have the effortlessness and femininity of dresses with the sass and fun of shorts - yes, I think shorts are sassy.  I'm currently lusting after this Yumi Kim Liz romper in so many patterns!




April showers might bring May flowers, but who says you can't have both right now?  I love these Hunter boots that bring the May flower to those April showers. They are a great combination of style and utility, and I think these are the perfect shoes for InfeildFest at Preakness. These would be my fourth pair of Hunters, so I might have to hold off purchasing these. BUT! I've linked my fave hunters here: 




I hate trying to dress cute during the winter because I know everything is just going to be hidden under jackets, scarves, vests, sweaters, and other layers upon layers. Finally I can wear a necklace without hiding it under a scarf, rings without hiding them under gloves, and bracelets without hiding them under the long sleeves of sweaters! I didn't use to be a jewelry person, but I've recently started investing in more pieces. It seemed like a huge waste all winter, but now I can wear them and people actually will actually see them!  Here are a few of my favorite acquisitions and a few pieces I have bookmarked for a rainy day.



I sometimes see people wear maxi skirts and dresses to work. No matter how much I watch them work comfortably while I suffer in my pencil skirt, I just can't bring myself to wear maxis to work. Besides not being totally work appropriate, I have too much fun in my maxi skirts. My favorite maxi has built in shorts (I love shorts), pockets, and a high slit. I love walking around in it on windy days because it blows behind me so dramatically. It's all very exciting, and I wouldn't want to waste that at work. But maxis can also be wonderful if you aren't feeling so dramatic and want to be casual chic, although I highly recommend a little windblown flair. 



I like big bags, and I cannot lie. I do carry small cross bodies and clutches on occasion, but for the most part, oversized totes ar my jam. However, the warm weather means that my neighborhood is much more walkable, and I am in no mood to lug my things around in a tote. A backpack makes so much more sense. These backpacks are made by artisans around the world through their partnership with The Little Market. 



It takes me a lot to tan responsibly. I burn like nobody's business, and now I'm on medicine that increases sensitivity to the sun. It's a great combination.  So when I do actually get a tan, I want it to last. I love how soft sugar scrubs leave my skin, and I try to exfoliate twice a week max. I like to let the oils soak into my skin for a bit after exfoliating and then slather on some lotion once I'm dry. It's a process, but anything that makes my skin soft and my tan last longer is totally worth it. My skin has been seriously neglected this winter, so I better start restoring now. I've posted some of my favorite skin products below!


Happy Spring Darlings! Get out and enjoy the warm weather before the humidity takes over!