30 Days of DIY (aka, Martha Stewart is my Hero)

I think Martha Stewart is one badass bitch. She has so many characteristics that are stereotypically feminine: she cooks, she sews, she gardens, she models, she plans parties. She may seem like the stereotypical homemaker, but she was a stockbroker, is also an author, has her own TV shows, and runs a multimillion dollar company. Oh, and she went to jail. 

Yes, Martha the badass bitch went to jail, but she didn't crumble. She was put on house arrest and then probation. She managed to reboot her business while only being able to leave the house for 48 hours a week. After that, she kept her business going even though she couldn't leave southwest New York without permission. 

I've been a long time subscriber of Martha Stewart Living. I follow the American Made awards, the Made in the South Awards (Garden & Gun), and read Southern Living every month. I love their features on young and innovative makers creating products in a way that I think most people have forgotten. 

Part of the reason for my adventure into DIY is the desire to learn new skills. It's been a long time since I was selling bracelets and hair wraps on the beach with my friend and my brother. I've kind of forgotten how to make things. 

I also really enjoy shopping, but I'm quickly on the way to shopaholic level. When you make something yourself, the thought and effort you put into that item increases the intrinsic value. So the little high you get when you get something new is extended by the burst of pride you get every time you remember that you made it yourself.

Lastly, DIY encourages you to face the fear of failing. I've seen enough pinterest fails to know that DIYs come with a very high chance of failing. While I really hope the projects I pick turn out well, I'm accepting the fact that it could be a complete disaster (like the reindeer incident of 2012). 

So hopefully, by the end of March I'll have learned some new skills and avoided any major burns. Stay tuned for my first DIY adventure!