Fall Chili Party

I believe that all parties should be centered around food, because what is better than food? So when the boyfriend told me that we were hosting a Democratic Debate Watch Party for one of his law school clubs, I was a little worried. I mean, the debate conflicted with a new episode of Below Deck on Bravo. It also meant I had to clean. 

But I had been wanting to make a big pot of chili for a while, and this was the perfect opportunity. So I made the house cleaner than it had ever been (it only took two days), and started cooking. 

The main event may have been the debate, but I was determined to make the food be the reason people stayed. 

There are three pieces to a great Chili Bar:  the chili, the bases, and the toppings.

I made a chunky sirloin chili. I will be sharing the recipe on here soon! But let me just say that it's delicious. 

pictured: fritos, tater tots, and toppings

pictured: fritos, tater tots, and toppings

I made baked potatoes, fritos, tater tots, and mini hot dogs for people to top with chili. My personal favorite was the tater tots. Other good bases are french fries, mac and cheese, cornbread, tortillas, or tortilla chips. 

pictured: mini hot dogs, baked potatoes (in white pumpkin), and toppings

pictured: mini hot dogs, baked potatoes (in white pumpkin), and toppings

I kept it simple with the toppings and chose sour cream, onions, sharp cheddar. You can also top chili with ketchup, hot sauce, green onions, or slices of avocado.

I also had a drink bar featuring my favorite red wine sangria, chilled white wine, and warm mulled cider. 

Now I personally thought the debate was an hour too long, but people definitely stayed for the food. Proving that all parties should indeed be centered around a delicious, homemade meal.