Watch Out!

I was told some pretty crazy things in lower school.

"High school teachers won't accept assignments if they aren't in cursive." "You can't come into school until you have given a proper handshake." "Green and blue nails will never be acceptable."


Well, I'm pretty sure my high school teachers would've hated me if I turned in assignments that were handwritten in cursive instead of typed, and Essie has pages on their website dedicated to blue and green polish. Their handshake rule may have served me well, but it wasn't much fun as an eight year old.

Learning to tell time wasn't so fun either.

But time isn't a fun concept when you're young. It's all, time to go to go to bed and maybe when you're older (and no, a few minutes older doesn't count). 

Now there are happy hours and time to go to bed (horray, sleep)! Both of which are important things that you don't want to be late for.  

To celebrate all the things in life that you don't want to be late for, I've rounded up some of my favorite watches and trends to share with you! 

Happy shopping darlings.