My Favorite (everyday) Shoes

Last year at the annual JDRF Night of Hope gala in Baltimore, my parents won a one night stay at the Four Seasons. They planned to use it themselves, but with lacrosse games, paddle tournaments, parents weekends, and work trips, they never found a time to use it. 

BUT I rarely (aka, never) go away on weekends, so I was able to make sure the trip didn't go to waste.

Baltimore was especially cold this weekend, so I didn't bring any extra shoes (!) in order to save most of the room in my bag for sweaters. Which turned out to be the smartest decision I ever made. 

Sweater Weather | Hello Darlings

Yes, this Burberry bag was the only bag I brought besides a small clutch. 

View from the room

View from the room

 When we drove to the Four Seasons on Saturday, our plan was to check in, do some shopping, shower & get ready for dinner, and then grab a drink before our reservation. When we checked in, we learned that our plan wasn't going to work. The hotel didn't have hot water or heat.  Luckily our room had a nice view?

I immediately fell in love with these Sperry booties when I bought them. They are so comfortable and didn't require any breaking in! They are also cut high enough that I don't have to worry about my mismatching socks peeping out the top of the shoe. This may not be a problem for everyone.

Sweater Weather | Hello Darlings

The point is that I loved these shoes so much that I didn't mind spending the whole weekend in them! Check out my second outfit below!

Warm Winter Day | Hello Darlings
Bracelet Stack | Hello Darlings
Kendra Scott Necklace | Hello Darlings
Winter Hat | Hello Darlings

& don't forget to pin the entire looks! 

Sweater Weather | Hello Darlings
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