Vacation days

There's a sad moment in every (full-time employed) post-grad's life when you realize that you no longer get a summer. Instead of getting three months off, you have to plan of months ahead to get three days off.

That's what I had to do in April, when I asked for special permission to get three days off to go visit Austin, Texas.

I would just like to say that I have never been happier to be in the 106 degree heat than when I am not at work. Especially when my paycheck was direct deposited in to my bank account while I was designing a new necklace at the Kendra Scott color bar midday on a Thursday.

Kendra Scott | Hello Darlings

So enjoy your weekend fellow yuppies, and I hope you like these photos from my trip! There are many many more to come when I return!

We stayed in a log cabin that Josh's grandfather built in the 1970s.
Salt Lick Cellars | Hello Darlings
Salt Lick BBQ | Hello Darlings
Bocce at the Salt Lick | Hello Darlings
Trudy's Texas Star | Hello Darlings
Sopapilla at Trudy's | Hello Darlings
Learning to Shoot | Hello Darlings

...and why would I go to Texas without learning how to shoot?

Learning to shoot | Hello Darlings