Week one of CSA eating

Week one was actually last week. When people still lived here. But dont't feel bad for me because my family and boyfriend abandoned me, I still have the dogs. You can feel bad for me when my mother takes the dogs with her after the Fourth of July, and she continues to refuse to let me get new puppies to fill this empty home. Apparently they have a problem with the whole house training thing and nobody being there to teach them not to destroy the house. This may be a valid point, but one of our dogs starts peeing uncontrollably when my dad catches him doing something bad. So, clearly, you can never really house train a dog, and I should be able to fill the house with little furry balls of canine cuteness. Anyway...

It's a lot less intimidating to pick up a box of food when you know that there will be people around to eat your leftovers. It is especially nice when your baby brother is graduating high school and there will be a party full of people to pass off your food to! All these years when he was making me look short and pale in our family photos, I just kept telling myself that he would come in handy one day- and that day has finally come! He may be gifted with my mother's ability to tan, but I get to pass on my healthy food to his friends! #Winning

(But seriously, it really isn't fair how tan he is. I tried to wear light purple shorts to his party and my mother correctly pointed out that they were almost the same color of my skin.)

This week I got a great mix of produce-

CSA Week 1 | Happiness Homemade

1. Kale 2. Iceberg lettuce 3. Other green lettuce (I really don't know) 4. Spring onions 5. Radishes 6. Strawberries 7. Rosemary 8. Asparagus 9. Eggs

Recipes from this box to come soon!

Local kisses,