Manicure Monday: Geometric Nails

Geometric Nails- Happiness Homemade

I am so excited for my first Manicure Monday! I spent K-12 at prep schools with strict dress codes, with rules about clothes, hair, and accessories. I loved wearing a uniform, it made getting ready in the morning so easy (yet I still managed to show up late almost every day of my senior year); I could even handle the rules about hair, I'm personally not a fan of unnatural hair colors. What I was not okay with was the rule banning nail polish. I spent many Monday morning carpool rides desperately picking the nail polish off my nails in fear of being sent to sit on the bench, oh how I feared that bench. Now that I am in college, I wear nail polish every day and am borderline obsessive about it. When nail polish chips, most people just touch it up with the same color.. not me. I see chipped nail polish as time to completely repaint my nails and try something new. Sometimes Manicure Monday will be a simple color that I love, but normally I will try cool designs like these Geometric nails. Stay tuned for more manicures to come and read on to learn how to get this fun design on your nails!

Nail lacquer used:

-Licorice by Essie

-Power Clutch by Essie

-A World of Compassion by SpaRitual

-Smoke & Mirrors by SpaRitual

Geometric Nails- Happiness Homemade

If you're really anal about having straight lines, use pieces of tape as a stencil to make them perfect. I don't think its necessary though.

xx, Megan