DIY Chindi Reindeer

This isn't just the story of my incredibly cute Christmas decorations. It is also the story of how dangerous hot glue guns can be. And it’s the story of how I learned my family thinks I am a walking disaster.

Here’s the bottom line, do NOT use a high heat glue gun with low heat glue sticks (which are apparently a thing). The glue will come out too fast and spill all over your hand and before you know it, your skin is blistering under the glue and you can’t peel the glue off or the blisters will open and you realize you really are a walking disaster.

I first saw these reindeer on Olive & Cocoa and fell in love. Until I saw that they were going for $200 dollars, which so wasn’t happening. Then Honestly... WTF? did a DIY version of these adorable critters. But for some strange reason that my ego can’t comprehend, nobody pays me for blogging (totally open to that though...) and I am trying to save money, I didn’t want to spend money buying fabric like the Honestly...WTF? version used. Instead I searched Michael’s ran around Michael’s on a crafting high until I found a cheaper way to get a similar result.


Supplies: Glue gun and a LOT of replacement sticks. Reindeer from Michaels 2 colors of yarn Bells (optional)

Glue the beginning of the two strings of yarn onto the reindeer. I started at the nose and moved my way down the back of the neck, to the chest of the animal.

Use your glue gun to guide where the yarn should go.

You want to twist the two types of yarn together to add more color, and make sure you aren’t wrapping the animal in the same direction the whole time. Mixing it up will make it a lot more interesting.

This process takes a long time, but you don’t have to do it all in one sitting.

Once the animal is wrapped, tie a little necklace with bells around the reindeer’s neck and admire your handiwork.


Holiday kisses!

Manicure Monday: Pastel nails

Maybe its because my nail polish collection is a little out of control, but I can never choose one color. I usually end up changing the color after two days or as soon as it begins to chip. Sometimes my inability to pick a single color means I will paint them one color and immediately change my mind and repaint them a different color, and then change my mind again and paint them for the third time in one day. 

If I know I just won't be able to choose I just stop trying and use all the colors I am trying to choose between. This is how my pastel manicure came to be.

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Retro Headband

Retro Headband- Happiness Homemade I have a serious headband obsession. I should probably be embarrassed by how many headbands I have, but I love them and how much easier bad hair days are with them. I also love bows, my mom used to put giant pink bows in my hair so she could easily spot me when I was bouncing around the pool or playground like the spastic child I was. I'm a little sad that its now only socially acceptable for me to wear giant bows in my hair for sports games or sorority mixers, which is why I was overjoyed when I found this headband! Not only did I get to make it pink, but it has a updated 'bow' on top so I can sport my old accessory again! For this craft you will need at least 10" x 6"  of fabric, hemming tape (or if you are better at sewing than me, you can sew it), and velcro, elastic, or ribbon. If you have those things than you too can make an adorable retro headband!

Do it yourself!

Instructions, Retro Headband- Happiness Homemade

Cut two pieces following the measurements above. I have a pretty small head, but I wanted to have a big knot. If you have a big head and want a small bow, this will be fine.

Fold the two pieces in half like a hotdog bun...


Instructions, Retro Headband- Happiness Homemade

Flip the two pieces inside out so the seam is on the inside, keep the ends open


Instructions, Retro Headband- Happiness Homemade

In the open ends, tape/sew/iron on your fastener. I used thick pieces of elastic.

Make sure you measure how it will fit on your head before adding the fastener!

Now you have your very own retro headband!

Retro Headband- Happiness Homemade

xx, Megan

Manicure Monday: Geometric Nails

Geometric Nails- Happiness Homemade I am so excited for my first Manicure Monday! I spent K-12 at prep schools with strict dress codes, with rules about clothes, hair, and accessories. I loved wearing a uniform, it made getting ready in the morning so easy (yet I still managed to show up late almost every day of my senior year); I could even handle the rules about hair, I'm personally not a fan of unnatural hair colors. What I was not okay with was the rule banning nail polish. I spent many Monday morning carpool rides desperately picking the nail polish off my nails in fear of being sent to sit on the bench, oh how I feared that bench. Now that I am in college, I wear nail polish every day and am borderline obsessive about it. When nail polish chips, most people just touch it up with the same color.. not me. I see chipped nail polish as time to completely repaint my nails and try something new. Sometimes Manicure Monday will be a simple color that I love, but normally I will try cool designs like these Geometric nails. Stay tuned for more manicures to come and read on to learn how to get this fun design on your nails!

Nail lacquer used:

-Licorice by Essie

-Power Clutch by Essie

-A World of Compassion by SpaRitual

-Smoke & Mirrors by SpaRitual







Geometric Nails- Happiness Homemade



If you're really anal about having straight lines, use pieces of tape as a stencil to make them perfect. I don't think its necessary though.


xx, Megan