My Top 5

I’m always finding new things that I’m obsessed with, but I can’t write posts about them all. Here are the 5 things I am obsessed with right now!


Bread Making

It’s a fickle thing, but bread dough is basically adult play-doh. It’s so fun to play with and to eat! My current favorite recipe is lemon-rosemary focaccia.



Our new apartment has the tiniest trash cans, and it really made me self-conscious about the amount of trash we produce. I started using the FoodCycler to eliminate our food waste & create fertilizer for my house plants.


Old Cookbooks

I’ve always loved cookbooks, but I am loving old, picture-free cookbooks that are filled with amazing recipes. The Taste of Country Cooking (1976) and Charleston Reciepts (1950) are my current favorites


Outdoor Plants

Now that the winter chill is finally moving out, I can move all my plants from the guest room back to the patio… and maybe buy a few more. Even better, the Carolina humidity is high enough to make Cacti and Birds of Paradise bloom



Now that I’m decreasing the natural scraps in my bin, I want to decrease the plastics in my trash and recycling. I love the Package Free Shop, Mountain Rose Herbs bulk herbs & spices, and Yeti water bottles!